I realise this is absurd in today’s political climate but I think I’ll wait to learn actual facts about this FBI/Trump raid before rushing to tweet any firm conclusions about his culpability or otherwise.

Piers MorganPiers Morgan

積水ハウスとNECは、集合住宅における顔認証システムを活用した取り組みにおいて連携します。第1弾として2023年11月に完成予定の分譲マンション「グランドメゾン溝の口の杜」で顔認証解錠をはじめとした様々なサービスを提供します🚪🏢 #積水ハウス #NEC 詳しくはこちら🔻 https://t.co/uz0BxlHV71 https://t.co/l3gbbe3f1c


If you’re going to swing this hard, you’d better not miss…. #FBI #TRUMP

Piers MorganPiers Morgan

👏What a tremendous time it was #B2022 #CommonwealthGames 💙 https://t.co/QlSW4psSsC

Mims Davies MPMims Davies MP

It was truly incredible 🏟😍 @birminghamcg22 @BhamCityCouncil 👏 #BestMidlands #B2022 https://t.co/PoVlSz1SIP

West Midlands CAWest Midlands CA

But will it actually reduce inflation? https://t.co/Iavdd0Vc8W

Piers MorganPiers Morgan

So sad to hear the fabulously gutsy, warm & talented Olivia Newton-John has died. At an auction of her Grease memorabilia in LA three years ago, she told me her favourite song from the movie was Hopelessly Devoted To You. Great song, great film, great lady. RIP. https://t.co/K6uteubpPA

Piers MorganPiers Morgan

What. A. Show! 🎉 A fitting end to a fantastic #CommonwealthGames 🎊 #B2022 | #ClosingCeremony https://t.co/Al4vBViaWu


Well after that I think it’s time for an inspirational quote from the man himself - and a reminder that Birmingham has been doing stuff well for a long time. This from 2019’s outstanding ⁦@BlackSabbath⁩ ⁦exhibition @BM_AG⁩ https://t.co/yTRWHAkdVu

Damian WildDamian Wild

It was hard to tell in the stadium but I could have sworn #ozzyosbourne signed off by shouting ‘up the Villa!’ Please tell me that’s right #ClosingCeremony #CommonwealthGames2022

Marc Reeves 🇺🇦Marc Reeves 🇺🇦

CushWake: Global Tech Cities are locked in a fierce contest for business across key talent, real estate and business environment metrics. Find out which 46 cities are the top tech hubs in Cushman & Wakefield's 2022 report >> https://t.co/w3er0g2OPZ https://t.co/tusyizL436

Cushman & WakefieldCushman & Wakefield

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