UPSTIX is a data driven proptech company built by people who are passionate about making buying and selling homes as effortless as possible. We are the new addition to a group of companies focused on using data to improve customer experience and business efficiency.

Our experienced management team have successfully built and run several companies, including Hometrack, Helyo Housing, PXS and Outra. To date, our highly successful part-exchange business PXS, has been responsible for the purchase and sale of over 4,000 properties, totalling over £1 billion.

At UPSTIX we’re clear on our purpose – we give people the confidence to move on…fast.

When it comes to buying residential property, the UPSTIX team believe in delivering speed, transparency and certainty – providing final offers in 24 to 48 hours and the potential to sell a property in just 7 days.

To cement our mission, we created The UPSTIX Guarantee – that’s a pledge to our customers that we will always be fair, honest and transparent. So you can move house with convenience, and move forward with confidence.

Whatever your reason for needing or choosing to sell your property quickly, UPSTIX is here to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible – with industry experts who will guide you through every step.