Marsh and Parsons

“Why I love working for M&P is a question I’ve been asked a lot. I’ve been involved with M&P since 2005 when I was invited to attend the Christmas party shortly before I joined. The reason I joined was because of the people I knew before at M&P and met that night, and the reason I love working for M&P remains the people! There are few things that are as rewarding as seeing the success of colleagues professionally and observing the growth in their confidence as a result of what they’ve been able to achieve. People at Marsh & Parsons have a fantastic, and enjoyable career in the property industry in one place – an increasingly scarce option in today’s world.”

Patrick Littlemore, CEO

“Marsh & Parsons has been a fantastic place for me to grow; I have developed my business acumen, I have made friends for life, and I also met my wife through Marsh & Parsons. The overall culture of working hard and creating social bonds is a unique environment and I wake up every day and feel excited about coming to work.”

Jay Badiani, Senior Sales Manager

“I love working for Marsh & Parsons because of the people they employ. I have made friends for life at this company which certainly helps when you spend 5, sometimes 6, days a week with them! M&P also encourages promotion from within which has benefited me hugely! I doubt I would have had the opportunity to move up into management after 2 years if I was at any other agency.”

Kate McArdle, Lettings Manager

“The people make the company! Every day at Marsh & Parsons is different; every property and social event is something new. You should enjoy coming to work every day and I can happily say I do.”

Katie Baker, Senior Lettings Manager



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