GCW Property Consultants


We’ve seen and embraced many changes in our 30-year history. The world continues to change at a break-neck pace. Much has conspired against town centres, once the heartbeat of our communities – the epicentre of our retail universe. But we are not nostalgic. There’s a brave new world out there, and it’s called the town centre.

This change is not cyclical.

It’s a fundamental shift driven by how and why people engage with town centres. GCW is passionate about understanding this change and how we can add value to our clients’ assets, be they occupier, owner or stakeholder. Retail will always sit at the core of what we do, yet the regeneration of our town centres requires a far more vibrant mix of uses than ever before.

We’ve invested time in understanding that wider market. We put people at the forefront of our thinking, examining their needs and understanding their reasons to visit a location. Identifying how to satisfy this need is central to the advice we provide to all our clients.

Advice or Brokerage.

Leasing and acquiring space are a crucial part of our role, but our clients also respect us for our in-depth knowledge. Early engagement enables us to take a holistic overview and identify a strategy that’s appropriate to the specific needs of the project and client. We’re good listeners, but we’re not afraid to challenge conventions. We bring this broader expertise to every project.