Gradfeed are delighted  to be partnering with The Land Collective, a content-led initiative that aims to engage young people with the property market and the built environment.

Gradfeed values and supports the role that The Land Collective plays in providing an open forum to improve the education and commercial awareness about different areas of the property industry, which is so important for the younger generation to engage with the industry as a whole.

So what can we tell you about our new partner?

The Land Collective is an open online platform, aiming to engage young people with the property market and the built environment. The LandCollective was formed by Sarah Hayford in late 2017, who was in her final year of university at the time. Having come from a non-cognate background, Sarah grew frustrated with the limited amount of open access platforms to find out more about the property market and built environment, as well as how complicated some of these platforms were to understand in layman’s terms.

The Land Collective hopes to provide education and commercial awareness about different areas of the industry from a birds-eye view whilst acknowledging the role each respective sector plays. The editorial team also work very closely with contributing writers to ensure that they are expressing their ideas critically online. To date, The Land Collective is a team of 15, with over 20 contributing writers, based across Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa; from a range of different educational backgrounds which include law, journalism, politics, economics, and finance.

If you want to get involved with The Land Collective as a writer, ambassador or to join the core team, please see here also, subscribe here to receive our monthly market in minutes newsletter.

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