What a first term it’s been for us here at Gradfeed as we have been busy spreading awareness of our platform across campuses and University towns throughout October-December.

As of Christmas 2019 we have dedicated Real Estate students from a total of 45 universities across the UK live and active on the Gradfeed platform, whilst currently averaging 95 focussed student sign-ups every month with this number growing week on week.

We have held notable events in Exeter, Oxford, Cardiff, London and Bristol and it has been so reassuring to see such a diverse mix of students joining us at our ‘Mixers’ talking about their hunger and desire to find out about routes into the industry and the different types of businesses that exist within it.

At these events it has been interesting also to note a fairly even split of male: female attendees. At MIPIM this year out of a 26,000-strong guest list less than a third were women, and we can only hope that the interest in the industry by the next generation begins to close this gender gap and filter through organisations of all sizes UK-wide.

Student’s job hunting habits are clearly ever changing and employers need to adapt their attraction and acquisition strategy to suit. Having a strong online presence with content focussed for students and graduates is clearly something increasingly important. Don’t expect students to fill out lengthy application forms if they don’t have a good idea about your hiring process, what your business does, what the benefits are for a young person joining your organisation – all of this information needs to be readily accessible if you want to increase the quality of student applicants.

The surge in appetite for Non-Cognates is becoming more apparent, with points of note being students from different backgrounds bring new ideas and perspectives to businesses – could this be because employers need to up their applicant figures or simply want a wider pool of early talent to choose from? If this continues it will help improve a more diverse mix of young people entering the industry.

With a number of exciting meetings with businesses arranged for the New Year and student events already in the diary, 2020 is certainly going to be full-steam ahead in enabling our student database to view organisations of all shapes and sizes along with employment opportunities from Work Experience to Graduate Schemes. Some of the new functionality we will be introducing for the year ahead will include facilitating direct communication between employer and student within the Gradfeed platform itself.

We have been fortunate enough to meet and speak with a great number of students throughout the UK and the positive reception that Gradfeed has received has surpassed all other milestones this term. It is clear from these first-hand conversations that the Real Estate industry and organisations within it are still relatively hidden and students have embraced the value the Gradfeed platform can provide them in helping them research businesses and career opportunities.

We wish all our followers a very happy and prosperous holiday season, and look forward to your support for 2020.

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“When we have a mix of people from different backgrounds, everyone benefits from an exchange of views and experiences, and learns from each other”

Graduate and Apprentice Manager

“Gradfeed is a platform borne out of years of working within the property recruitment industry that we believe will make the recruitment of graduates and entry-level positions more streamlined for both students and our valued employers.”

Gerard McVeigh

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Rob Hall

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