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Jack Kelly – Graduate Testimonial

14th September 2022

How did you find the Gradfeed service?

I originally found Gradfeed on LinkedIn. The platform allowed me to research employers and to view the latest, some of which were tailored towards my experience, background and job preferences. I found the system to be extremely helpful with useful resources, particularly around interview tips and preparations. As I went through the interview process I was provided with extremely diligent feedback whilst being kept up to date with other suitable tailored job opportunities. The platform through the process was extremely useful, and ultimately led me to go through the interview process and secure my first permanent job out of university.

Did it highlight an industry you hadn’t previously considered?

I was originally only considering careers within the Financial Services Industry, but Gradfeed showed how I could do the work I was interested in, within other sectors of the economy. They demonstrated that expanding my search criteria allowed me to generate more opportunities for work.

Did it make you aware of job opportunities and companies you hadn’t previously considered?

Gradfeed demonstrated that the Property Technology industry (Proptech) met all the criteria I had for work. They showed me that the work was very similar to the job opportunities I was looking at within Finance.

Did it allow your job hunt to be streamlined?
Gradfeed streamlined my job search by focusing my attention in the correct areas. They used their industry connections to expedite my search and create more opportunities for me.

Would you recommend graduates use Gradfeed to research companies and discover new opportunities?
I would highly recommend Gradfeed to any recent Grads. They helped me find a job I love, and show me new opportunities I had never previously considered.


Jack Kelly is currently a Graduate Underwriter at Upstix.

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