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Diehl Done: Gradfeed places first US grad in UK job market

12th September 2022

Gradfeed facilitates move for US graduate to join key client in London office

Part of the key strategy when creating the Gradfeed platform was to bring a certain globalisation to the graduate recruitment process. Whether you are finishing  University studies in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales or any town or city in England, Gradfeed has been created to give you visibility of employers and job opportunities and to offer a direct link into those organisations through one easy to use platform.

Summer 2022 has allowed us to push the system further however, when a valued client of ours, Property Market Analysis, tasked Gradfeed, to utilise the necessary technology, to attract a London-based graduate with knowledge and clear links to the USA to work from the London office in tandem with the US-team based in Chicago.

Once the position was pushed live, Gradfeed attracted significant interest from suitable UK-based graduates, however it was Michael Diehl’s application that proved most exciting.

Michael’s hometown is in Virginia and he was  just in the process of finishing his MA degree in Economics from George Mason University and was also completing an internship in Financial Management. He had his sights set on a move to London where he wanted to find a suitable graduate position to take forward both his studies and experience. Through his online job applications he discovered Gradfeed and went through a job description with an employer which sounded perfect.

After arranging various interviews with both the London and Chicago-based Partners, and virtually carrying out assessments over the course of a number of weeks, Michael and PMA were delighted to agree a job offer, sort out VISAs and a start date that suited both parties.

Michael has since relocated to London and this is what he had to say about his Gradfeed experience:

“Throughout my application and interview process, I received excellent and timely communication from the Gradfeed platform; they were always reliable. I am grateful for discovering both new employers and new opportunities which has ultimately led me to securing my dream move to London with a fantastic company.”

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