‘How can I work for a Property company without a Real Estate or Built Environment degree?’

It’s a question we get asked quite often here at Gradfeed and it warrants a fairly simple answer:

“There are many job types in Real Estate companies that are suitable for students from all subject backgrounds”

At a time when numbers of student job vacancies are down considerably and when number of students looking for graduate positions are up year on year it’s important for students to always be exploring new paths and routes into different industries that may suit their skill set, personality and career aspirations.

If a student can demonstrate they possess the right soft skills (read more here) , such as being switched on, personable, well-organised and motivated, and they have the capacity to grow, employers are fine-tuned in taking these raw credentials and nurturing the best out of the student employee.

Here are 6 types of positions ALL students can apply for within the Real Estate & Built Environment industry:

  • Business Support – This could include positions such as Personal Assistant, Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, Front of House, Office coordinator, Property Administrator. Businesses of all sizes need these type of individuals to ensure the smooth running of an organisation on a day to day. Typically these jobs require key skills such as being well-organised, administrative minded, a team player, attention to detail, excellent communication skills.
  • Marketing & PR – Entry-level roles here are typically titled Marketing Executives, Marketing Coordinators, PR Assistants, Online Brand Executives, Social Media Executives. As you move up through the business structures Marketing qualifications (click here)will be required to progress. However to get started, if you can demonstrate exceptional written and verbal skills, creative flair, strong organisation skills and are happy to hit tight deadlines this part of the industry welcomes students from a variety of different degree disciplines
  • Estate Agency – Do you want to be client facing? Are you comfortable holding conversations with individuals from all backgrounds whilst being able to retain knowledge about a specific property or location? Trainee Negotiators (sales and lettings) Client Services Consultants and Property Managers are the types of job roles to look out for here if all the above applies to you. Being a clear communicator and a very good listener are of paramount importance but crucially, you don’t need to have studied a Real Estate degree to be considered. Expect a basic salary and a large portion of your potential earnings to be made up of commission and bonuses. In major cities earnings for a trainee negotiator can outstrip that paid on a typical graduate scheme.
  • HR & Recruitment – Like Estate Agency Trainee Recruitment Consultants may be incentivised by commission, however in-house recruiters less so. HR on the other hand, although still dealing with people and employment is far more process driven. Both types of roles require a highly organised individuals with very strong communication skills, and the type of character who doesn’t shy away from being able to deal with tough conversations.
  • Finance & Investment – Students with a business or finance background can find real opportunity within analytical positions, managing investment portfolios of large clients that the company is working on behalf of. Within the large corporations these departments exist, however the better exposure can come from businesses that are niche and purely focussed on fund management.
  • PropTech – A surging part of the industry that looks to bring students in from differing degree disciplines. The requirements for systems and ‘tech’ means students who have strong analytical skills, have good working knowledge of systems and engineering/development can choose Real Estate as an industry which can provide them with varied career paths to apply their skills. Companies are having to adopt tech solutions at a rapid rate and they are looking to nurture the next generation to help them to do so.

Do you have any comments to add? Perhaps you’re a student who has found a way into the industry through different means? Or are you an Employer who hires students in different capacities for their potential rather than their output from day 1? Get in touch with us as we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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