Gradfeed is an employment platform for individuals who have studied a real estate degree (cognate) or for those individuals who want to get into the industry regardless of their degree (non-cognate). Research employers, read the latest industry news, and secure interviews with the best businesses in the UK property industry.
Gradfeed has been designed by our team of experts, to make the property industry more accessible, more diverse and to simplify the recruitment process for both students and employers.

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” Gradfeed has been created to enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to communicate with an inclusive and diverse audience of both cognate and non-cognate students”

Rob Hall

“Gradfeed is a platform borne out of years of working within the property recruitment industry that we believe will make the recruitment of graduates and entry-level positions more streamlined for both students and our valued employers.”

Gerard McVeigh

“I found the Gradfeed platform easy to navigate and was able to discover career options that were of interest. The whole interview process was straight-forward and ultimately I am very happy with the company and role that I am in. A huge Thank You to Gradfeed, I couldn’t recommend their service enough.”

Lydia Room

“I discovered Gradfeed via Linkedin as I was researching jobs post-uni and exploring options. I found the Gradfeed platform incredibly helpful, honest and transparent throughout the whole process – something recent graduates need. Gradfeed didn’t try and sell me a job, unlike other job boards/recruiters. I’ve been with a property investment company Gradfeed introduced me to for 6-months now and I’m finding it fantastic!”

Ivo Redman
Property Underwriter, Upstix

“Throughout my application and interview process, I received excellent and timely communication from the Gradfeed platform; they were always reliable. I am grateful for discovering both new employers and new opportunities which has ultimately led me to securing my dream move to London with a fantastic company.”

Michael Diehl

“Gradfeed is easy to use and the platform allowed me to research companies, career opportunities which ultimately helped me secure my first job upon graduating from University of Oxford – I would highly recommend the platform to any graduate looking for their first job!”

Charles Zhang

“I registered with Gradfeed to find a graduate role within the Real Estate sector and the whole process provided me with valuable and informed information.

I would definitely recommend Gradfeed to any immediate University leaver or existing graduate”